Here are a few items I picked up today at Krogers. FYI if you ever have a Shortcut Q that does not redeem just email them, they are really good about adding the savings back to your card. This happened to me the other day so today I had $1.70 Shortcut cash added to my card.

3-Bounty paper Towels $1.09 (3-.25 Q's tripled)
9-Progresso Soup $1.25 ea (9-.25 Q's tripled)
2-Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.50 ea (2-.50 Q's doubled and .50 shortcut Q)
2-Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 ea (2-.50 Q's doubled)
3-Mahatma Rice $1.09 ea (3-.50 Q's)
Total $23.79
-Q's $17.00
-$1.70 Shortcut Cash
=$5.09 OOP

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