Tip-a-licious Thursday

Just this past weekend I bought some new pots & pans. This made my grandmother very happy because she has been telling me for months to throw out my Teflon ones. So, I went out & bought the fabulous 10-piece set of Cuisinart! I love them but was puzzled on how to keep them looking new.

I read about cleaners such as Cameo but I wanted something a bit more natural & cheap. I found an awesome tip on thriftyfun.com, it suggested using a little bit of salt, vinegar, & scrubbing with a nylon scrubbing pad. This worked great & left my pot/pan looking new again. The salt works as an (gentle) abrasive & the vinegar removes white, chalky spots or streaks on your pan. You can also use baking soda instead of salt but remember to ALWAYS use a nylon scrubber so you don't scratch your stainless steel & scrub the inside in direction of the grain.

Although my Cuisinart set is dishwasher safe, I prefer to hand wash to avoid water spots.
Got any other suggestions on cleaning stainless steel? Leave us a comment.

**Update: Just tried baking soda & it works great as well!

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Chriselda Turcios said...

You can also use comet and it leaves them looking new. I always you comet but will be sure to try your handy tip. Thanks.

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