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DIY Push Pin Boards
Every Monday I attend a Craft & Conversation at the Armed Services YMCA. The Craft & Conversation is a weekly gathering that allows spouses to create social bonds, informal support networks, and promotes healthy, constructive conversation about challenges of the military lifestyle. The group fosters a positive social networking opportunity while offering on-site structured Kids Club to allow for much needed “adult” time.

This week we made push pin boards with simple items you probably have at home! Check out my creation:
All you need is:
*Scrap fabric
*Glue (Hot glue or Tacky Glue works the best)
*Items to decorate with (buttons, jewels, etc.)

1. Cut a piece of cardboard to the size you would like your push pin board.
2. Cut the fabric to fit over cardboard then glue in place. (Note: I overlapped the fabric to the back of the cardboard to cover the edges then I glued the fabric to the back.)
3. If you desire, add ribbon in a crisscross design to hold pictures, notes, & etc without having to use push pins. (Note: I once again overlapped the ribbon to the back then glued. You want to leave the ribbon on the front of the board unglued so you can insert pictures, notes, etc.)
4. Place decorative items on the board to spruce it up or to coordinate with your house.
5. Add a ribbon or something similar to the top so you can hang up your one of a kind push pin board! (Note: I just glued two pieces of ribbon at the top then tied them together.)

Instead of just using boring push pins, you can glue things to the top of them! Use a hot glue gun to glue buttons, jewels, or bottle caps (like the ones I have on my board) and BAM you have a super cute board!

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