Wordful Wednesday

I remember growing up & always playing school with my brothers - Darren & Barry. Darren was the one that loved to do school work. Haha! I would give him "homework" and he would just sit there happily doing it. I guess since the day he was born he was a brainiac. By age 3.5, Darren was adding, writing, knew all his states & capitals, & could read.

My mom always read books to us. Our favorites were Dr. Seuss because my mom would always change her voice to match the characters. (Gosh I wish I had a video clip of her reading Marvin K. Mooney!) I swear she turns into the characters when she reads books!

Darren always loved to read and know facts. If you ask him who holds the world record for anything, he could tell you. This is due to the fact that my mother buys him the Guinness Book of World Records EVERY Christmas. Now he is a father & I guess he passed down his love for books. His daughter, Karissa, enjoys books & loves to hear her father & grandma read in silly voices!

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