Wordful Wednesday

Yesterday my granddaughter called me and told me she was awarded student of the month. She was so excited to receive her award. I wish I could have been there but she lives in California, so I was unable to attend. My parents attended and took pictures for me. This is Mariah and my Dad at her award ceremony. Way to go Mariah, Big Papa and I are so proud of you.

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Cecily R said...

How wonderful for her that she has so many generations to support and be proud of her! I love that!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Such a proud moment! She looks so happy.

Brandie said...

Oh that is so sweet! She looks so happy!

Virginia said...

Aww great job Mariah! <3 Tia Virginia

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone & Thank you for stopping by The Frugalicious Mommy!

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