You may have thought you were at the wrong site but no worries THIS IS THE FRUGALICIOUS MOMMY! :) Don't you just love the new look?!?!

We contacted So Stylilized to do a blog makeover & the end result is fantastic! We received a new design that matches our site's name perfectly! We now have:

* a three column layout
* a new button
* a favicon
* a link navigation bar
* and a post siggie

Check out So Stylilized & their fabulous portfolio.
(Thank you so much Jessica for all your hard work, help, & the easy transition.)


Tree said...

I love it! Looks fantastic! Who doesn't love polka dots? LOL

Virginia said...

Thanks for stopping by!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Love the new look!!!

Virginia said...

Thank you! This new design fits us so well. :) Girlie, shopping, cellphones....lol!

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