Frugal Cousin Wags Trip

Recently my cousin Denise of Hanford, California joined us in our Frugal shopping. Today she went to Wags and purchased everything you see in the pic. I can't believe how fast she picked up on this. Usually when you try to explain this to newbies it takes them a while especially Wags, since it's a little more confusing than CVS. Well not for Denise, that girl rolled and rolled those Register Rewards. Her couponing lesson consisted of a 10 minute phone call & a few emails. By the looks of it, I don't think she needed any help from me. Way to go Denise!!!!!!!!! I'll be calling you next week for your plan, so I can copy it...................

Ok, so here's her breakdown
Total Purchase $115.01
Total OOP $16.04
RR left $7.50

*** If you are out of Ecotrin Q's, she said there is a $2.00 Q in each box. I also seen $1.50 peelies on some of the boxes.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What an amazing haul!

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