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Great deal at Cost Less. The Bar S Franks are only 55 cents right now. My mom went today and purchased 10 packs for 5 cents each. Using the 5/$1.00 off 2 Q's. Way to go mom, 10 packs of franks for only 50 cents. If you live in California you might want to stop by Cost Less and pick some up for this Memorial Day Weekend..................Wish we had one here.

Here in Texas I just went to Krogers and snagged a few deals:

6-Sweet Ray BBQ Sauce $1 ($Q's)
3-Pork n Beans .59 ea (.30 Q Tripled)
3-Wacky Mac $1.29 ea (.50 Q's Doubled)
I paid $1.74 for these

Just thought we'd share some great bargains.
Hope everyone has a Great Weekend.

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