It's Hip Hop Baby has a new DVD

About a year ago I had the opportunity to review & giveaway the It's Hip Hop, Baby: All Your Child's Favorites. (You can find that review here)

"It's Hip Hop, Baby!" is a children's DVD series for ages 2 to 6. These videos educate toddlers and preschoolers with fun child-friendly hip hop music. Children and even babies will want to move and groove and dance to the fun rhythms and beats in this educational DVD. This educational DVD series features child-friendly dance routines that help your child develop listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions.

Just recently,
It’s Hip Hop, Baby! released their first fitness DVD for kids called Hip Hop Dance Class! Hip Hop Dance Class is a 60-minute work out video featuring the latest in hip hop dance moves. Children ages 5 & up learn three complete dance routines with dance instructor Nikki Stanek. Check out my 10 year old daughter, Kanani, practicing her moves:

This is a fun workout for the whole family to do! I thought my daughter would have a hard time getting the moves down because she lacks rhythm. However, the Hip Hop Dance Class DVD breaks everything down step-by-step and even has different dance levels. Plus, there’s cardio hip hop, freestyle dancing and kids even learn how to clap and step to the beat. Kanani started off with the beginner's dance routine but then graduated to the intermediate. Yaay!

I love this DVD because it's a fun way to get kids moving! Nowadays kids are spending less time exercising and more time watching tv, playing video games, or on the internet. As parents, we stay busy and sometimes don't have time to cook a nutritious meal every night. It happens...nothing to be embarrassed about! It's easy to wean the kids off of the electronics and get them moving when it's something they'll enjoy. Although Kanani is super skinny, she is also super lazy & unfit (the girl can't even touch her toes). My husband and I workout but we realized Kanani needs to workout too. What a perfect DVD for her to have!

Buy It:
Want to learn cool hip hop moves? Visit It's Hip Hop Baby! to purchase Hip Hop Dance Class for $14.98!
Visit to buy other DVDs in the It's Hip Hop Baby! DVD series for $13.49 per DVD.

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: It's Hip Hop Baby! provided me with the Hip Hop Dance Class DVD. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own. No monetary compensation was received for this review.

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