Tip-a-licious Thursday

Have you heard of HouseParty.com? Well as a member of houseparty.com, you get to host House Parties where you're treated like VIP: You get sneak previews of the best TV shows, free stuff, and the best offers out there on the things you really like.

Sign up is simple! After signing up you can browse the parties that they have coming up and apply online to host the ones that you like. You can also sign up for the mailing list, set your preferences and they'll send you an email when an event launches that matches your preferences. Super easy!

I was able to host a McDonald's McNuggets/Shrek Forever After House Party! Houseparty.com sent me a Party Package that included:
1-$75 Arch Cards
1-Shrek 3 DVD
1-McDonald’s Stage M CD
1-Shrek Forever After Movie Poster
1-Shrek-themed Happy Meal box
2-Shrek collectible glasses
2 sets-Shrek-themed plates (each set includes 8 pieces)
2 sets-Shrek-themed napkins (each set includes 8 pieces)
2 sets-Shrek-themed cups (each set includes 8 pieces)
2 sets-Shrek-themed invites (each set includes 8 pieces)
20-McNuggets of Fun Coin Booklets
2 full sets-Shrek Happy Meal toys (each set includes 8 toys)
15-Shrek Happy Meal watches (four varieties of watches will be sent to fulfillment center)
20-McFlurry Be Our Guest Cards
15-Minute Maid Apple Juice coupons

My daughter & her friends had so much fun at this party! The company was great, the Chicken Nuggets were yummy, and the movie was funny! The best part is that this whole party was FREE! Join in on the fun & freebies by signing up here.

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