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If you have kids then you know all about how fast they grow. When my first daughter was born back in 1999, I wanted to buy her all the name brand dresses & accessories. At that point in time I didn't know that kids grow out of clothes in a matter of months. So when my son was born, I gladly took hand-me-downs from my neighbor who bought her son ALL the name brand stuff. When I became pregnant a third time, I was hoping for a boy so we could recycle everything from our son but we ended up with another girl. Luckily I have a friend who gives me hand-me-downs from her daughter & I have also discovered resale shops! Here in San Diego is a place called Baby-Go-Round that has tons of cute name brand clothes for 50-75% off the retail price! Just the other day I bought my daughter these items:

Check out the price tags!


Resale shops all have their set of rules regarding what they buy & sell. However, it's safe to say that all resale shops buy new or gently use clothes & they must be only a few years old (to keep up with trends). So what does that mean to you? Well you get to save money by buying resale or even MAKE a little cash if you want to sell your child's old clothes. There are resale shops located throughout the U.S., there are even online resale shops! Do a google search for 'baby resale online' or 'baby resale (your city)' and start saving money.
Happy discount shopping!

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Unknown said...

Hey! Thought you might be interested in thredUP - it's a new place to swap kids clothing online. Great way to save time and money on children's clothes without the hassle of eBay or consignment shopping.

Shoot me a note if you'd like an invite code! karen@thredup.com

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