Tip-a-licious Thursday

Today we have some awesome makeup tips to share with you! Laci Hill, a makeup artist in Los Angeles, is a friend of mine that I met a few years back while working at a salon in Texas.

Laci Hill started her interest in makeup at a very young age. Since she was a little girl, she was always digging in her sisters' and grandmother's makeup bags. In high school, she was helping out with makeup for theater. After high school, Laci obtained her Esthetician's license and worked at a salon in Texas doing makeup, facials, and waxing until one day, she had the opportunity to work on a set. She then knew she was in love and set out for Los Angeles. She has worked on many music videos, photo shoots, as well as web and television series. Check out her resume here!

Now for the tips...
Spending a day in the sun? Spray antiperspirant on your face (and let
dry) before applying makeup to keep it from sweating off.

Only dust shimmering powder on areas that you would like to highlight,
not all over the face (all over shimmer can have an "oily skin"
effect). Stay away from the nose, chin, and forehead. Instead,
concentrate on the tops of the cheekbones and shoulders.

Dot Visine on blemishes to help knock out the redness. If your
complexion is looking a little red all over, splash cool water on your
face. You will look refreshed and ready to go.

If you do have loose shimmering powder, mix it with your favorite body
lotion to create beautiful, luminous skin.

Use white eyeliner on the inner rim and corner of your eyes to open them up.

Eyeshadow can double as eyeliner: add a couple drops of Saline
Solution to an eyeliner brush and dip it directly into your eyeshadow.
The Saline won't ruin your eyeshadow like water is known to do.

Purchase loose eyeshadow so that they can double as lip
gloss (ya know, depending on the color). Baby pink shimmering
eyeshadow looks great on eyelids, tops of cheek bones, and mixed with
your favorite gloss for lips. One color, three uses!

More to come soon!!

Laci Hill
Make-up Artist
Twitter: @LaciHillMakeup

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