Tip-a-licious Thursday

Two Tuesdays ago I told all of you about how consignment shops can save you a lot of money! Well that very same day I was contacted by Karen, a PR rep for threadUP.

is like Netflix, you can choose a box of gently used clothes you'd like to receive. You pay for shipping, you agree to list a box of your own child's outgrown clothes and the box is sent to you (from another member). Then, similar to eBay, you list a virtual box of clothes that your kid no longer wears. When someone picks your box, you send it free of charge (they even have the USPS pick-up the box at your house). ThreadUP manages the quality control and review process and takes care of all the details to make sure you get a quality exchange. (From their site)

A basic membership on threadUP is free, you only pay shipping on the boxes you chose. There is an option to upgrade to a Pro membership which gives you access to things like detailed views of other member's boxes & etc. However, I recommend you start off with the basic membership until you decide that threadUP is for you.

This is a neat concept because it saves you time, money, & sanity! I know I hate shopping with three kids because it gets ridiculously cRaZy sometimes! Anyway, try it out & let us know how your experience went. I have my account setup and I'm ready it to try it out myself. :)

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