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As you can tell by our name, Frugalicious Mommy, we love to save money! We find our coupons on products, blinkies, Sunday papers, on our receipts, via internet and anywhere else we can get them. We also like to preview ads & coupons so we can plan out our shopping trips!

Just this week we were introduced to WeUseCoupons.com, which is
online community full of people who use coupons and discuss when and where to use them. Also, you can preview store ads & coupon inserts - yippie! Here are just a few thing you can find on WUC: CVS Deals on WeUseCoupons, Coupon Previews on WeUseCoupons, & much more.

If you haven't joined yet, please click on the above picture and put frugaliciousmommy.com in the referral area. If you are a fellow frugal blogger, then sign up for WeUseCoupons.com's affiliate program to earn some money. It's free to join & you get $3.00 just for joining. :) Don't forget to list frugaliciousmommy.com in the referral area.

Have a Frugalicious day!

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