Wordful Wednesday

This past weekend my family & I decided to take advantage of some FREE admission to Sea World San Diego! (Note: If you're military, take advantage to free admission by clicking here.) We had such a great time but boy were we tired from all the walking around.

We arrived at Sea World at 10:30AM and didn't leave that place until 5:10PM! I swear I had no clue that Sea World was an ALL day event. LOL.

My favorite part of the whole visit was the Sesame Street Lights, Camera, Imagination 4D movie. I got a kick out of watching my son trying to touch the characters. :) I also enjoyed just seeing my kids getting along and actually having fun TOGETHER.

Look at Maleah's big smile! Sea World is definitely baby-approved!

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The 4-Crows Blog said...

How fun and what an awesome opportunity!! Great pics!

Katie said...

how fun! I wish we had something like that here in Denver - the aquarium doesn't quite cut it.

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