Wag 4 Day Sale

Wags 4 day sale started yesterday. I went prepared for some great deals. I had my plan together and coupons ready. Oh, and I took my 9 month old granddaughter. I've taken her with me before and she just sits there smiling and talking to me. Not so this time, she was trying to grab everything in reach, she reached for my coupons that I had organized and they ended up on the floor. She was getting fussy and needed a nap, so I didn't quite finish my plan. I did manage to get 3 of my teas. I may go back tomorrow (shipment day) and pick up more.

Trans #1
1-Celcius Tea $3.99 ($2 Q)
1-Jello .69 (Wag Q .49)
1-Sure Deodorant $1.99 ($1 Q)

Total $6.67
-Q's $3.49
=$3.18-$3.00 RR from socks this week
=.18 OOP
Earned $4.00

Trans #2
1-N/D Mouthwash $4.99
1-Celcius Tea $3.99 ($2 Q)
1-Sure $1.99 ($1.50 Q)
1- Jello .69 (Wags Q .49)

Total $11.66
-Q's $3.99
-$7.00 RR from last week
=.67 OOP
Earned $8.00 RR

Trans #3
1-Crest $3.00 (.75 Q)
2-Twizzler $1.50 ea
1-Prell $2.99

Total $8.99
-Q's .75
-$8.00 RR from trans #2
=.24 OOP
Earned $7.00 RR

Trans #4
1-Celcius $3.99 ($2 Q)
1-Prell $2.99
2-Jello .69 ea (Wag Q .49)

Total $7.67
-Q's $2.49
-$5.00 RR from trans #3
=.18 OOP
Earned $5.00 RR

Trans #5
1-Crest $3.00 (.75 Q)
1-Hair clip $1.99 (Cashier thought my grand daughter was a boy, so I bought these :) so she would look girlie)
2-Jello .69 (Wag Q .49)

Total $6.37
-Q $1.73
-$5.00 from trans #4
=.39 OOP
Earned $3.00

Breakdown for Today
Total Purchases $41.36
Total OOP $1.66


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Anonymous said...

Awesomness! Our WAGS didnt know anything about it.

There is also a deal you'd have to do it today or tomorrow

the REACH toothbrushes are .99 w/ in ad. If you buy 4 and use 4 $1/1 or the $2/2 printable. You'll spend $0 and get back $4RR. :D

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