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Wow, seems like just yesterday my granddaughters (Maleah & Karissa) were born. Now the girls are just about 10 months old. As many of you may remember the girls were born two days apart. This is Karissa, she loves taking pictures. As soon as she sees the camera she stops what she is doing and smiles (What a ham).

Karissa just loves her little pool and has so much fun splashing around. Well, she actually gets a kick out of splashing water on me. :) She laughs and thinks it is so funny.

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Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

How cute! We have two grandsons, ages 15 mo. and his older brother is 2 yrs, 11 mo. I love being a grandma!! :)
By the way, I'm in the DFW area too. There's another blogger that's in the Dallas area. Wish they would have some kind of blogging convention in this area. There's supposed to be one in Austin in October, but that's not convenient.

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