Kroger on a $10 Budget

I was so happy I had time today to do a little frugal shopping. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time for anything. I'm so lucky my mom sends me my coupons precut and like coupons stapled together in multiples of 10. Needless to say I have it pretty easy, all I have to do is find the time to shop. The hard part is done for me. Thanks mom, you're the "BEST". And she found time to do a little frugal shopping herself. (Below are her clearance bargains she found at CVS)

6-Angel Soft $1.00 ea (6-.50 Q's doubled)
6-Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $1.00 ea (6-.35 Q's tripled & 2/E-Cpn .40)
6-Tortinos Pizza $1.00 ea (6-.50 Q's doubled)
12-Nestle Chocolate Drinks $1.00 ea (6-$1.00/2 Q's)
6-Crest $1.00 ea (6-.50 Q's doubled)
2-Franks Hot Sauce .99 ea (2-$1.00 Q's)
4-Mahatma Rice $1.09 ea (4-.50 Q's doubled)
6-Safeguard Bar Soap $1.19 ea (6-.35 Q's tripled)
2-Dole Fruit $1.00 ea (2-.50 Q's doubled)
6-Mrch Yakisob noodles .80 ea (6-.50 Q's)

Total $56.28
-Q's $51.40
=$4.88 OOP

My mom shopped the clearance rack at CVS and used a few Q's to snatch up all 18 items for only $2.34 OOP.

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