Tasty Tuesday

No Bake Cakes

1-Box/Pkg Cookies
1- Container Whip Cream
Candy, Fruit, Pudding (this depends on what kind of cake you want to make)

I made three different kind as listed below. This truly is the easiest recipe ever. Use the instructions below or customize the cake with your own fillings. The possibilities are endless!

Cake #1-I used 1 Pkg. Oreo cookies and whip cream
Cake #2-I used lemon pudding, whip cream and lemon cookies
Cake #3-I used vanilla wafers, whip cream and snicker bars that I cut into small pieces.

Place a layer of cookies on a small plate. Next drop about a teaspoon of pudding on each cookie, add another layer of cookies (think of the cookies as bricks and the pudding/whip cream as concrete, you wouldn't want to stack all your bricks straight up right? If you did, then it would fall over.) So stack the next layer in between the cookies so it holds up as you continue to layer. Next add the whip cream, continue your layers until you get to your desired height. Once done, frost the entire cake with whip cream so that none of the cookies show. Place it in the frig overnight or at least a couple of hours. That's it! It's all done and ready to eat.

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sharonjo said...

What a fun idea--bet the kids would love to help with this one.

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