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I need more room! My dining room area is so small and my dining room table is too big. I have been searching for a table that would be perfect to seat our family of 5 yet still allow us space to move around. Hmmm...then it dawned on me -- what about drop leaf tables?

I found the Carolina Cottage 30" drop leaf table that expands from 36" by 38" square into a large 36" x 66" table. This table is perfect for my family! Maybe I can talk my husband into buying it for me as a Christmas present.



Are you in need of more space too? If so, you're in luck because we have teamed up with CSN Stores for another giveaway! Stay tuned but in the meantime, go take a look around at CSN Stores!

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karenmed409 said...

Thanks for the review, they have so many wonderful items. Hope you get the Drop Leaf Table,

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