Happy Thanksgiving!

We have slacked off a little this week but for a good reason -- preparing for Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, my mother and I live many miles apart so we can't be together on Thanksgiving! ((sad face))

With that said, I figured I would take this opportunity to tell her that I love her and I am very thankful to have her as my mother. She is an amazing person who always manages to push through any obstacles that life throws at her. I look up to her. No matter how far apart we are, I know that she is always a phone call away to listen to my whining, comfort my worries, and make me feel all better. I am truly blessed!
Here's to you. Mom...

To everyone else,
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble Gobble
Yum Yum!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Virginia!

Tree said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with lots of blessings!!

Virginia said...

Thank you ladies.
Have a great Thanksgiving as well!
Thanks for stopping by the Frugalicious Mommy!

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