Overstock's Online Scavenger Hunt (Week 2)

Last week we announced that we are participating in Overstock's online scavenger hunt “Find the perfect holiday gift! Family Edition.” (See our previous post here)
We are having so much fun doing this virtual scavenger hunt because we are finding great gift ideas & also have a chance to win a Overstock gift card. :)
This week's clues lead us to Jewelry>Necklaces>Pear Necklaces.

A Pearl necklace is simple yet elegant. Maybe you're asking yourself, "Who wears pearls?"
Well, here are some famous women who wore/wear pearls frequently: Jacqueline Onassis, Princess Diana, and Michelle Obama.

It's quite common to see women wearing the traditional single strand of pearls, but there are so many styles, pearl types, and lengths to match your personal style. For example, I am into chunky fashion jewelry, so naturally I gravitated to this necklace:
Double-knotted Multicolor Pearl 60-inch Necklace (12-13 mm)

My mother is more on the conservative side, so this necklace would suit her style:
Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Drop Pendant

If you are looking for a pearl necklace, Overstock has some excellent deals with over 400 pearl necklaces under $40!

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: I'm a participant in Overstocks’ Online Scavenger Hunt. This blog post is my own words, but I may be receiving a gift card for my opinion .

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