Overstock's Online Scavenger Hunt (Week 3)

We are in week three of Overstock's online scavenger hunt “Find the perfect holiday gift! Family Edition.” This weeks clues lead us to Home & Garden>Kitchen & Dining>Dinnerware! (read more of about our Scavenger hunt here)

Dinnerware can be broken down into different categories:
*Formal dinnerware is often used on special occasions such as...

or entertaining guests
*dinnerware for everyday use is referred to as causal dinnerware.
My favorite set is the Sango Avanti Black 5-piece completer set. This set matches my house perfectly plus it's dishwasher and microwave safe!

Head over to Overstock.com and you are sure to find dinnerware that matches your decor. They have a wide array of collections and brands...some under $25!

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: I'm a participant in Overstocks’ Online Scavenger Hunt. This blog post is my own words, but I may be receiving a gift card for my opinion .

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