TLC's show 'Extreme Couponing' Airs Tomorrow

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In the blogsphere, we are sure you have heard about the new TLC Extreme Couponing show that will be airing Wednesday, December 29 at 8 ET. This show will follow Nathan Engels (creator of WUC) and three other extreme couponers as they do some $eriou$ shopping.

Nathan Engels was kind enough to provide us with a preview:
"I built something that was about 15 feet tall!! They filmed it's creation and it was almost entirely donated to local foodbanks! TLC also filmed our the giving aspect of couponing!! During this episode we donated around $6000-$7000 in product to a fantastic pantry!!! (we share this not to brag, but to lead by example, giving is such an amazing aspect of couponing!!!)"

To hear more about the show, check out FrugalTV!

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