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My husband and I have been married for almost seven years, but it feels so much longer because we've known each other since high school. Date nights are almost non-existent. Yes, it's sad but finding a sitter for our three kids is not always possible. My aunt and uncle try to squeeze it time to babysit the kids, which we appreciate greatly! Last week my husband & I were able to attend his Command Christmas party! It was so much fun to get dressed up, eat a nice dinner, have a few cocktails, and dance with my husband. I must say that we looked super cute in our matching attire. :)
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Aimee said...

Glad you got out without the kids! We don't do that nearly often enough.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do look very cute together!
Date nights are very important, but hard to come by...
Thanks for stopping by and linking up, Happy Wednesday!

Virginia said...

Thank you for the comments. :)

I love date nights (when we get them..LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to have many more nights out as special as this was!

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