Wordful Wednesday

Awww look at my nephew, Gabriel! For over a year, Gabriel's daddy was attending a Navy school in Chicago. While daddy was away, Gabriel and his mommy stayed with his grandma in Texas.

The time has finally came for the family to move into their own home - Together!! Yesterday, my brother, my sister-in-law, and nephew began their roadtrip to their new home. They are currently driving from Texas to Virginia. The above picture is of Gabriel right before he began his 1st roadtrip. :) Ahh he's an official Navy brat!

UPDATE: Here is Gabriel at the Grand Ole Opry. :)

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Awww! He's so cute!!

WW: Paleontologist Heaven at Paleopalooza

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness he is a cutie! Hope their trip is a safe one.

Veronica Lee said...

He is adorable!!

Happy WW!

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