Luvs Diapers as low as $.09 each!!

I love Amazon! If you don't know already, Amazon is known for having some GREAT deals on a lot of things - especially diapers! Just take a look at this great deal:

*Luvs Size 1 (264-count) for $24.88 ($0.09 / count)
*Luvs Size 2 (228-count) for $24.88 ($0.11 / count)
*Luvs Size 3 (204-count) for $24.18 ($0.12 / count)
*Luvs Size 4 (180-count) for $24.18 ($0.13 / count)
*Luvs Size 5 (150-count) for $24.53 ($0.16 / count)

To take advantage of this deal, first sign up for Amazon Mom (it's free). Next, add any of the above diapers to your cart. Once you have added your diapers to your cart, click subscribe & save to get 30% off your order!

P.S. Don't worry about the Subscribe & Save option! There are no commitments and you can cancel your subscription any time. Just don't cancel your subscription before your order is shipped!

Thanks, Coupon Gal!

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