Kushyfoot Review

A few months ago I received some Kushyfoot products to review and I absolutely loved all of them! I'm so happy they decided to send me their new seasonal line to review.

Kushyfoot is a line of products foot products all inspired with Reflexology in mind. So what is Reflexology, you ask? Reflexology is based on the ancient principle of healing so that your entire being is connected. When you slip on a pair of Kushyfoot, you'll notice the massaging cushion, that's the Reflexology at work. Did you know that back pain begins in your heel? Kushyfoot helps relieve that by massaging the pressure points on the outside ball of your foot. So what does that mean to you? Well this helps ease the overworked shoulder and every pair is designed to relieve tension and discomfort to our poor feet which also means less stress and fatigue for our bodies.
I wore the Kushyfoot Foot covers with my Ballerina Flats this week. The foot covers come in super low, low, regular and lace. I was already in love with the super low foot covers but the new lace colors are so cute. New colors this season are Ivory and Pink. I wore the pink lace foot covers with my flats and it was so discreet but so cute you want to show them off. Sexy lingerie for my feet, gotta love it!!! The foot covers have a cushion on the ball portion of your foot and a heel guard. What a difference this made in comfort!

Now I just can't do it, but I see it all the time - women wearing fashion crew length socks with heels. (HAHA I can't even wear a heel these days). Kushyfoot now carries crew length socks made of lightweight microfiber and special coolmax fibers that wicks moisture. The sock has a roll top band so it stays in place. And of course features the padded reflexology comfort sole.
The socks come in Black or Cream and has a suggested retail of $3.99 per pair or 3 for $11.97 on Kushyfoot.com.
Kushyfoot flats-to-go come in a cute little pouch that you can take anywhere. Just throw them in your purse and when your heels become too much, simply slip on your flats-to go. Flats-to-go feature a 3-dimensional wave cushion sole that gives you that massaging feel as you walk. The black faux leather makes these Flats-to-go stylish enough to wear inside and outside. So the next time you are stuck in your heels and your feet need some comfort, simply get out your flats-to-go and instant comfort! Now I can't think of a woman out there that hasn't needed this relief at some point in the day. New this spring/summer are the Snake print and Cream Perfed colors.

Frugalicious Mommy Disclosure: Lipton Publicity Inc provided me with the Kushyfoot products. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own. No monetary compensation was received for this post.

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