We're Sorry!

To all our readers,
We apologize for slacking off on our site. Unfortunately we have been crazy busy! Juanita has been working TONS of hours and when she is not working, she is catching up on sleep. As for me, I have been busy trying to get my house together. Just a week ago I moved from San Diego, CA to San Antonio, TX. And for the past week I have been trying to find a house, secure it, and get the movers to deliver my stuff.

::SIGH:: We're exhausted!
We are slowly getting back into routine, so please bear with us.
Hope all is well with all of you!

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KimmyD said...

Moving is a B----, isn't it? you don't even realize how much stuff you've accumulated over the years till you start packing it. I just moved too but just to a different town. I caouldn't imagine moving all my stuff to a different state! Good Luck!

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