Wordful Wednesday

About a month ago we moved from San Diego, CA to San Antonio, TX. We spent our first couple of weeks staying with my mom (4 hours north of San Antonio) until we could find a place. My mom (so kindly) offered to watch our kids for two days so my husband & I could stay in San Antonio to house hunt. While we were there we decided to do some sightseeing.

Me standing on the bridge where Jennifer Lopez sat in the movie Selena.

I spy my favorite place RIGHT on the Riverwalk!

Me at the Guinness Book of World Records Museum!

My 6-foot husband and the tallest man.

The shortest woman!

What a way to welcome us to TEXAS...they put boots on our truck! Ridiculous.

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Maria Lopez said...

wow that was an adventure. I am sad that most of my "local" CA bloggers are moving out of state. But of course wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the boots! Hope it wasn't too much trouble to get them off.

Virginia said...

@Maria-Aww thanks. It sucks that I had to move before BlogHer.

@Baba-It cost us a little over $100 and we had to wait for awhile for the guys to come take it off. Ohhhhhh and it was lat at night. :(

Self Sagacity said...

That's a great choice, hope you are happy there. Come join the conversations every Thursday and Post your questions on Thursday Two Questions Meme

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