Wordful Wednesday

This past weekend my family came to visit me in San Antonio! We had lots of fun jam-packing things in one weekend.

First up was Chacho's, where we celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday.
(Note: The above Full Monster Nachos are only $18.99 & feeds 10. How frugal is that?!)

Next, the Almo and Riverwalk followed by cake, icecream, & presents at home.

(My mom & I aka The Frugalicious Team)

(Happy Birthday Kanani! Mommy loves you greatly!)

On Sunday, we ended the weekend with a nice 3lb cinnamon roll from Lulu's! Mmmmmm!!!
(Lulu's was featured on Man v. Food. Check it out.)

What a great weekend! Look forward to spending time with my family again soon!

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Anne said...

That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantastic birthday! How fun and great photos!

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