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Birthday Graphics
Today is my son's 5th birthday! Since his birthday is so very close to Halloween, I decided to share some pictures of Jae'Sun in his Halloween costumes throughout the years.

Here is Jae'Sun's 1st Halloween. What an adorable scarecrow!
Haha here is Jae'Sun trying on costumes for his 2nd Halloween. As much as he wanted this Elmo costume, he couldn't get it because it was too snug. He ended up dressing up as Spongebob.
Last year Jae'Sun insisted on being Spiderman. After watching the Spiderman movies, he seems to think he is Peter Parker. :)
This year my frugal side kicked in. I managed to convince Jae'Sun that a ninja costume is MUCH cooler than a Transformer one. Of course my reasoning behind that little lie was that I didn't want to pay $29! In the end, he truly enjoyed his costume.
Pictured above is Jae'Sun with his sisters - Kanani (the girly pirate) & Maleah (the black kat). Awww I love my babies. :) Is there a spell I can cast that will keep them this small forever?


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Hope he is enjoying his special day!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your super cute son!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy!

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