nintendogs + cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends for Ninetendo 3DS $6.99

Attention pet lovers -- Best Buy is selling nintendogs + cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends for Ninetendo 3DS for $6.99 + free standard shipping.

  • Take care of cute and cuddly golden retriever puppies and their kitten friends
  • Your nintendogs and kittens are fluffier, cuter and more expressive than ever in realistic 3D, and each one has its own unique coloring and personality
  • Interact with your puppies and kittens just like you would with a real pet, as the Nintendo 3DS camera captures your voice, touch and even facial expressions and your pets respond
  • Tap the camera icon on the touch screen to snap adorable photos of your puppies and kittens, then show them off to all your friends
  • Bring your furry friends into your own world as the 3DS augmented reality feature frees them from the screen to play on your dining room table or sit on the palm of your hand
  • Take your golden retrievers out for a walk and keep track of how many steps you take together on the built-in pedometer
  • Keep track of all the fun you have with your new pets in a handy Journal
  • Share your puppies and kittens with your friends, take a turn caring for theirs and even give each other presents with Street Pass (wireless broadband Internet access required)
  • Take a trip online with SpotPass to download exciting new game content like Mii characters, pet accessories and other items (wireless broadband Internet access required)
  • Play in 2D or 3D mode
  • Teach your kittens and puppies new tricks and compete with them in unique challenges and activities
I don't know too much about this game but after googling reviews, it looks like it fairly decent game. The virtual pets look absolutely adorable and realistic too!

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