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Are You A Stressed Out Parent? Try Aromatherapy! (Guest Post)

By Eirian Hallinan

As a parent of a young child or children you can often find yourself feeling worn out with tiredness and feeling generally run down. You often have disturbed nights and very busy days with little 'me time'. Here is some information on how aromatherapy can help combat your stress.

Aromatherapy can be used in a self-help way within the home to help you aid deeper sleep and generally lower your stress levels. Stress relief can be induced when you apply or inhale the same blend of oils over a period of time. To a certain extent this is due to the creation of a conditioned response. Repetitively using the same aroma for a particular complaint (like stress) will, over a period of time generate the response needed. This is known as a 'conditioned reflex' and is practised worldwide by health professionals. Parents use this technique everyday by having routines, for example carrying out the same routine for bedtime; bath, story, drink then sleep.

Find a mixture of oils that you like then a way of applying them that suits you and you can stick to. You use the same blend of oils at the same time of day to train you to relax. Useful oils for de-stressing could be:

Lavender – This has traditionally been used for many ailments but it is also very powerful in promoting sleep at night and relieving stress in the day. You just need to put two drops on your pillow before going to bed and ensure that you are using genuine lavender oil as the synthetic type will not be sleep inducing.

Frankincense – For thousands of years this was used to help with grief and sorrow. It is wonderfully light oil with aromas of incense and lemon. You can use two or three drops on a piece of tissue or vaporiser and you can add six drops to a warm bath for a very relaxing soak.

Eucalyptus staigeriana – This oil has a beautiful aroma of lemon drops similar to the smell of opal fruits! It is hormone balancing so is perfect for new mothers to promote balance and harmony in their bodies. It has anti-depressive and uplifting properties and has been extensively utilized by professionals in the treatment of ME. If you live a non-stop lifestyle then you can inhale this oil to help relieve some stress. Apply two or three drops onto a tissue and then leave it in your top pocket or in your bra. The aromas will easily reach your nose for you to inhale. In a bath, put up to six drops to release the aroma and create the deep relaxation you need to feel.

The link between the psyche and olfactory system (the sensory system used for olfaction, or the sense of smell) cannot be underestimated. Pleasant smells uplift you and cheer your soul. Essential oils are a natural and perfect way to uplift and relax you which can be so helpful in your busy and hectic schedule.

Eirian Hallinan has written numerous articles in the natural health field. She believes in healing naturally, first, especially when it comes to infant colic.

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