Tip-a-licious Thursday

Over the weekend my husband and I decided to buy our 2 year old a "big girl" bed. As I began to breakdown her crib, I began to wonder what on earth I would do with her crib. Giving it to someone was out of the question because it is a drop side crib, which are apparently banned now, and throwing it out just seemed like a waste! I found a great article containing 30 different ideas on how to reuse your crib and it inspired me to recycle my old crib (that project is in the works).

In addition to the crib, I also decided to recycle the old crib mattress. Since I was tired of the kids leaving my couch like this:

I figured I would create a little lounge area for the kiddies simply by using the crib mattress, crib sheet, and a few throw pillows. Here is the finished product:

If you know how to sew, then you can save yourself a few dollars by making your own throw pillows and crib sheet. Find a great crib sheet tutorial here:

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