Wordful Wednesday: Texas Ranger vs Oakland A's Game

This past weekend my daughter-in-law, granddaughter and I all had our first baseball game experience. Kroger invited my family to watch the Rangers vs Oakland A's at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. I'll admit that I have never really been a fan of baseball but watching it live is a whole different experience! There were 46,711 fans in attendance at Saturday's game...WOW!

I have to say this was tough for me to cheer for our home team when I'm a Cali girl, born and raised. Plus, back in the days when Jose Conseco played for the Oakland A's, I used to joke with my daughter that I was dating him. Haha! 

My granddaughter had so much fun clapping, cheering, booing and even doing the wave. I somehow think she enjoyed her cotton candy the most. The Rangers ended up winning 7-2 and we scored free stuff; Grand Slam Breakfast and Taco Bueno Q's for scoring and Monster drinks from the Monster employees. Oh, and my grand daughter received a free Texas Ranger shirt upon entering. 

Free parking, tickets, food and gift bag courtesy of Kroger...Wow. now that's an outing any frugalicious mommy would love! Thanks, we all had a wonderful time and a special thanks to Kristal. Kristal was nice enough to stand in the scorching heat to greet us and give us our tickets and gift bag.

Did you know that Kroger:
*Currently operates 208 stores, 200 pharmacies and 110 fuel centers in TX and LA.
*They employ over 11,238 individuals and continue to create new retail, management and construction jobs with new openings.
*Forbes magazine ranks Kroger as the most generous corporation in America (Frugalicious Mommy agrees)
*Customers can set up auto-refill for ongoing medications. The pharmacy alerts customers via phone, text or email when their prescriptions are available for pick up.
*Pharmacy staff is also certified to administer back to school vaccinations.
*For the summer season, the fuel accumulator program gives customers the opportunity to save up to $2 per gallon at Kroger fuel centers (40+ locations in North Texas)

Thanks again Kroger and Kristal. We have GREAT time. It was an Awesome experience!!!!!!!!

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