Tip-a-licious Thursday

Tired of buying dishcloths and sponges/scrubbers? If so, then maybe you should consider making your own. Trust me when I say -- YOU CAN DO IT! I am a newbie at crocheting. I actually learned to read patterns by watching YouTube videos. Just the other day, I decided to make my fantastic grandma a dishcloth as a thank you for sending me a homemade dish scrubber (both pictured above). My dishcloth is made out of 100% cotton yarn, so it is super absorbent and can easily be washed. I bought the yarn for $2.49 and it can make roughly two dishcloths depending on the size/design. I plan on buying my yarn elsewhere to cut costs a little more. My granny, on the other hand, made her scrubbers out of a wool fabric that she bought for $0.99 a yard and it can make roughly 4 scrubbers. FRUGAL! I'm not quite sure how she made it but it does work fabulously! 

Making your own dishcloths/sponges does take a little time, however, it saves you money + you can make them to match your decor. I actually love my new hobby because I can easily take my projects with me wherever I go or I  can just do it as I watch tv. Give it a try!

There are plenty of sites that provide free patterns and tutorials. Here are a few that I have used:
Happy Crocheting!

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