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A couple weeks ago I shared photos from my graduation (find them here). Well, this week I want to share some other fun photos from my trip. My husband and I began our trip by driving 4.5 hours away to my mom's house. When we arrived, my grandparents, who drove in from California, were there to greet us. Gosh my grandparents are amazing!!! They arranged their TX trip to coordinate with my graduation trip so they could watch my kids. That's love, huh?!

We arrived at my mom's house around 2 AM, so we (my mom, husband, & myself) decided to stay up to finish packing for our early morning trip. By 7:30 AM, we were on our way to good ole DFW airport and by 1:39 PM, we had arrived in Pensacola, FL. This is where the fun began!!!! We stayed at super cute vacation home that was close to a bay and an interesting little park area that was decorated with all sorts of pumpkin/scarecrows.
The next several days are kind of a blur due to our lack of sleep. In 3 1/2 days, we managed to visit 5 states!!! Here is a mashup of our trip: 
I also want to share a video I captured with my amazing underwater camera. Apparently, the beautiful water in Pensacola is also the home to tons of jellyfish!

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