Tasty Tuesday

This is not a recipe but rather a cooking tip. I was feeling quite lazy one night, so I decided to make tacos for dinner. As I was browning my ground beef, I kept thinking about those tortilla bowl makers I've seen on tv. I've been wanting one for so long but I just can't convince myself to buy something I wouldn't use that often. Then it dawned on me -- google homemade tortilla bowls. Duh!!!!

This is what I stumbled upon:
Use the bottom of your muffin tin! Lightly spray the bottom of your tin with non-stick spray. Warm up your tortillas a little so you can mold them in between the cups. Then place them in the oven at 375 for roughly 8 minutes. And this is what you end up with....perfect little bowls that you can fill with your favorite taco filling!

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