Wordful Wednesday

Like most people, my New Year's resolution was to live a healthier lifestyle. My family and I did not always eat high fatty, greasy meals like the two images (on left) pictured below, but we did indulge in them a little too often.  
I began reading a lot about eating organic and going vegetarian, however, I'm not sure that our family is completely ready to go meatless...yet. Overall, I think we have done a fantastic job of incorporating more fruit and veggies into our diet. I have also become obsessed with making my own whole wheat breads (check out the biscuit in the top right picture and the whole wheat baked corndogs on the bottom right). 

So far, I would have to say that 2013 is shaping up quite well! I still need to work on certain areas like adjusting our budget to afford more organic products, but that will be sorted out shortly. I'm just happy that my family has adjusted so well to our new food choices. Although my husband did mention that I reminded him of this commercial:

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