Wordful Wednesday

The life of a military family is pretty rough. One of the best things about this lifestyle is also one of the worst...moving! I love that we get to see new places, experience new things, and meet tons of awesome people every few years. It's sad to have to say goodbye but it's so cool to have friends all over the world. 

The fantastic part about our last move was that we moved close to my mom. She lives roughly 4.5 hours away, so we get to see her often. As a matter of fact, I just spent spring break with her. :) We took my kids & my niece to the zoo. I'm sure we would've had a better time if we didn't go on half-price day during spring break!!!! Ohmygoshhhhhhh the lines were long, people were rude, and did I mention the lines were long?! If I ran you over with my double stroller - sorry! 

The kids had fun though. 

Since Easter is around the corner, we decided to have a mini Easter egg hunt too. 

Good times! 

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