National Hot Tea Month (Review/Giveaway)

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? I've been a hot tea lover for quite some time and I had no clue that there was an entire month designated to this delicious drink! With the weather being quite chilly, I was delighted to receive products from Salada and Red Rose to review. I was sent the following:
  • Salada ACTIVE BLEND Green Tea – Energy Boost (single serve cups) 
  • Salada ACTIVE BLEND Green Tea – Fiber Boost (single serve cups) 
  • Red Rose Simply Indulgent Cinnamon Bun (single serve cups)
  • Red Rose Simply Indulgent Peach Cobbler
Ask anyone I know and they will tell you that I love sweets! I probably could eat sweets all day, but of course, that would not be healthy nor would it help my workouts. Sigh. So what's a girl to do? Well, I'll tell you what hits the spot --  Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas! The first flavor I tried was the peach cobbler. The smell of this black tea is amazing and it indeed tastes like peach cobbler! The flavor is great plain but it tastes even better with a couple drops of liquid stevia. Zero calories and oooh soo delicious!

Next on my list was the cinnamon bun single-serve cup. The first thing that I want to rave about is the fact that these single cups are so darn convenient! Just pop the K-Cup in your Keurig and within a minute you will be enjoying a decadent treat. The sweet aroma filled my kitchen as if I were baking fresh cinnamon rolls. Yum! Between the warmth of this tea and the cinnamon flavor, my taste buds were jumping with joy. With only 15 calories per k-cup, you can indulge in some sweetness without all the guilt.

Need a boost to get things going? Salada has you covered! Salada has added two convenient single-serve cup blends to their line of wellness green teas:
Salada ACTIVE BLEND Green Tea - ENERGY BOOST Single-Serve Cups blend in select vitamins and botanicals to help give consumers added energy. Key ingredients include caffeine, vitamin B complex, Panax ginseng and taurine. The flavor of this tea is all-natural blueberry. 
Salada ACTIVE BLEND Green Tea - FIBER BOOST Single-Serve Cups Made with natural sugar and stevia leaf extract (Reb A), Salada ACTIVE BLEND Green Tea - FIBER BOOST Single-Serve Cups benefit tea drinkers who have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle and need to incorporate more fiber into their diets. The flavor of this tea is all-natural lemon. 
I loved both of these blends! I found the blueberry flavor in the energy blend to be a pleasant change from my usual morning cup of coffee. I drink green tea daily, so I am excited to incorporate the fiber boost blend. According to Salada, this blend of premium green tea with all-natural fiber gives consumers 10 percent of the daily requirement for fiber in just a single cup. Wow, that should help me get things moving (wink, wink)!

Buy It:
Salada and Red Rose teas can be found at select grocery retailers and online at and

Win It:
January is almost over but that doesn't mean that the tea celebration has to end! 
Salada/Red Rose have offered to give (1) lucky Frugalicious Mommy reader a sample package of their own!

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