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Gourmet Gift Baskets Brownie Sampler (here)
**Winner is Amy L.**

Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini (here)
**Winner is Jennifer**

Old El Paso "Family Taco Night"
**Winner is Mari**

The Couponizer (here)

**Winner is Sarah**

Dapper Snappers (here)
**Winner is Michaela**

Vaseline Intensive Lotion (here)
**Winner is Dana**

 Mister G's Pizza for Breakfast (here)
**Winner Chelsei**

VTech V.Reader Gift Card
**Winner is Karen**

CSN Gift Certificate
**Winner is Rochelle**

Stickey Cup
**Winner is Leah**

Fashion to Figure Chandelier Earrings
**Winner is Cynthia**

"Family Flick Night" Gift Pack
**Winner is Lori**

**Winner is Terra**

Executive Basket
**Winner is Cheryl**

Gourmet Gift Baskets
**Winner is Jaime P**

Family Facts On-the-Go Organizer
**Winner is Cheryl**

CSN Gift Certificate
**Winner is Toni**

Tiny Prints $50 GC
**Winner is Amy**

Little Tikes Neighborhood Market
**Winner is Andrea**

Kroger/Shell $25 Gift Cards (here)
**Winner is Mari**

Brilliant Lenses (here)
**Winner is Jaime**

Flexi-8 Hair Clips (here)
**Winner is Shelly**

CSN $75 GC (here)
**Winner is Lauren**

Playskool Wheel Pals Farm Set (here)
**Winner is Stacie**

CafePress (here)
**Winner is Nicole**

Juppy Baby Walker (here)
**Winner is Christine**

$25 Scentsy GC (here)
**Winner is Michelle**
Dakota's Personalized Gifts (here)
**Winner is ShaRhonda**

$25 Safeway GC (here)
**Winner is Sharon**

Birthday Supply Depot Giveaway (here)
**Winner is Hayley**

Strider PREbike (here)
**Winner is Laura**

Smelly Towel Cleaner (here)
**Winner is ShaRhonda**

Kushyfoot (here)
**Winner is Hana**

Penguins of Madagascar Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Sue**

CSN $80 Gift Certificate (here)
**Winner is Tamara**

Penguins of Madagascar Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Lori**

Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses (here)
 **Winner is Marina **

Rubbermaid Reveal Mop (here)
 **Winner is Cindy**

CSN $80 GC (here)
**Winner is Sarah G.**

CVS $10 GC (here)
**Winner is Tina S.**

VTech V.Reader (here)
 **Winner is Christine W.**

ShaToBu - The Workout You Wear (here)
**Winner is Hayley**

Betty Crocker (here)
**Winner is Sunshine**

Snazzy Lites (here)
**Winners are Katie & Tori**

Posh Baby Boutique (ShadyBaby Parasol) (here)
**Winner is Jennifer T.**

Almondina "Gourmet Cookies" (here)
**Winners are Cheryl, Tamara, & Sarah**


UPrinting Postcards (here)
**Winner is Katie**

SuperValu Box Tops $25 GC (here)
**Winner is Jaime **

Pillsbury/Hasbro Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Stephanie**

Pink Bowtique (here)
**Winner is Hayley **

CSN Stores $80 Credit (here)
**Winner is Ashley**

Betty Crocker Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Doreen**

$10 CVS GC (here
**Winner is JC**


Next Day Flyers (here)
**Winner is Jaime**
Note: Next Day Flyers chose the winner.

Mixes from the Heartland (here)
**Winner is Julie**

Gourmet Gift Basket (here)
**Winner is Tiffany**

Wanchai Prize Pack
**Winner is Chriselda**

Target $25 Gidtcard (here)
**Winner is Ashley**

Darden $25 GC (here)
**Winner is Mami2jcn**

MyPleasure $50 GC (here)
**Winner is Jennifer**

Skelanimals Valentine's Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Missy**

Overnight Prints (here)
**Winner is Chriselda**
$25 Visa GC (here)
**Winner is SharonJo***

Progresso Soup Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Birdie S.**
Result: 74

Reading Glasses Shopper (here)
**Winner is Hayley**
Holiday Gift Pack (here)
**Winner is shopannies**
Affordable Scarves (here)
**Winner is Marina**

Sodastream Soda Maker
**Winner is Jennifer**

Bellybar Gift Basket (here)
**Winners are**
  1. Tara on November 5, 2009 10:47 PM said... I follow your blog 2 (#3)
  2. Beth (BBRB) on November 9, 2009 8:41 AM said... 1 - I'm a follower. (#23)
  3. Donna on November 20, 2009 6:57 PM said... 2.I am a follower. (#38)
Joe Nichols "Old Things New" Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Nancy**

CVS $10 Giftcard (here)
**Winner is Lori Sifuentes**

Pearls of Joy Giveaway (here)
**Winner is Nancy**
Skelanimals Giveaway (here)
**Winner is
Nat & Alex Wolff Giveaway (here)
**Winner is Carla**
Eden Fantasys GC
**Winner is sito50**

Target GC (here)
**Winner is Carmen**

Nature Valley Nut Clusters Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is JC**

$10 CVS Giftcard
**Winner is Carolsue**

Emily Osment Prize Pack
**Winner is Kristy**


**Winner is Janet**

Coveroo (here)
**Winners are**

Celebrate Chocolate Cocoa covered Almonds (here)
**Winner is Deborah**

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover (here)
**Winner is Deefna**

Top This (Back to School) Prize Pack (here)
**Winner is Jennifer**

Trix Swirls Creative Kid Giftbasket (here)
**Winners are Kristy & Judy **

Switch It Handbag Organizer (here)
**Winner is Amanda**

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer (here)
**Winner is Lauren**

RightSize Max. Weight Loss Kit (here)
**Winner is Kristy**

Lauren Nicole Gifts
**Winner is Annie**

Accent Furniture Direct Giveaway
**Winner is Stacy**

Eden Fantasys
**Winner is throuthehaze**

$10 CVS Giftcard
**Winner is Kim**

$10 Walgreens Giftcard
**Winner is Cher**

Kushies Organic Crib Sheet
**Winner sito50**

Carolyn's Kitchen Americana Apron (here)
**Winner is Judy Brittle**

Sweetsation Therapy (here)
**Winner is Kim**

$10 Subway Giftcard (here)
**Winner is icefairy**

$10 CVS Giftcard (here)
**Winner is icefairy**

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids (here)
**Winner is Baba**

Hannah Montana Goodies (here)
**Winner is Night Owl Mama **

Celly Smellys (here)
**Winner is Dwalline**

$10 CVS Giftcard (here)
**Winner is icefairy**

Deez Teez (here)
**Winners are: **
  1. Rebecca from The Copper Brick Road
  2. Jonna from Me Myself and Jonna
  3. Carolyn from Carolyn in Carolina
  4. bearybeary90
  5. madmad59
  6. Ana Diaz
  7. Spamgirl
Kee's Baby Love (here)
**Winner is Donna**

It's Hip Hop Baby (here)
**Winner is Lisa767**

Hannah Montana Goodies (here)
**Winner is cdziuba**

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